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Poll: How Do You Chat?

Recently MHVillage announced a new system for chatting with buyers through our website or through text messages direct to your phone.  Now we are ready to put together Version 2!  In this next iteration, we are looking at giving you the option to use Instant Messaging to chat with buyers through a third party chat program.  What we would like to know is: how do you chat?  Do you keep up-to-date with Facebook or MSN Messanger?  Let us know!

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2010 MHCA Annual Conference

Are you going to be attending the Manufactured Housing Communities of Arizona’s 2010 Annual Conference?  MHVillage will be there!  Please plan on stopping by our booth to say “hello.”

This Conference and Community Managers Workshop runs May 12th through May 14th.  For more information and registration information, please see the MHCA’s website.

All in a Name – Mobile or Manufactured Homes?

Once in a while, we at MHVillage get asked why we still use the term “mobile home” on our website when the industry preferred term is “manufactured home.”  While MHVillage strongly believes in promoting the industry and helping to make the public aware of manufactured homes as an affordable and practical living solution, we also have to face a simple fact: when people talk about their homes, they are far more likely to use the word “mobile” than anything else.

From Foremost Insurance's Manufactured Homes Market Facts Report

In fact, according to a 2009 survey from Foremost Insurance, 61% of their respondents still referred to their home as a “mobile home.”  This affects something called indexing.  Indexing is how search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and others find web pages.  To put it simply, a search engine tries to match the words that people are searching for with the words on a web site.  The words on your web site form a type of index that they look at.  So, because people still call their own homes mobile homes, that’s the term they use when looking to buy a new one.  We try to make sure that both the terms mobile homes and manufactured homes are prevalent on the site, so people can find us easily.

And it’s working!  In fact, we are now getting well over 20,000 people searching on MHVillage every single day!  That is a lot of people looking for a great place to live – no matter what they call it.

Do People Really BUY Homes off the Internet?

In a word, yes.  Want proof?

On March 11th, MHVillage added a new “Make Offer” button to home listings.  Clicking this button brings up an email form so interested buyers can email the seller an offer.  Since that time over 3,000 offers have been made on homes on MHVillage!

Granted, not every single person who clicks that button is ready to make an offer.  Some are using it to get more information about the home, others want to set up appointments, but the vast majority of offers being placed are legitimate offers and very, very good leads.

The Sales Leads section is located within your MHVillage account.

We email those offers over to you instantly – so the minute you see one in your emailbox, you know that someone clicked that button just moments before!  Miss a lead?  We also store all your leads in your account, just in case.  Click on the Sales Leads section in your account anytime to see your offers.

And now a bit from the lawyers – please note this email constitutes a notice of interest only. It is not a legal contract in any form. MHVillage does not broker home sale transactions nor does MHVillage act as a real estate agent for you or any other user.