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How to Get Community Resident Leads

You may know TANSTAAFL (There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch) but at MHVillage we have TISATAFL – there Is such a thing as free Leads.

This manufactured home community has filled in their email address in their community information. The Request Brochure and Email Community button show up automatically.  All leads that come from these links are free.

Did you know that MHVillage provides free sales leads to communities?  If you own or manage a manufactured home park, you can get resident leads from MHVillage – that’s right, free.  I know, I know, what’s the catch? Simple: you need to make sure you tell us where to send them!

All you have to do is enter an email address in the community information.  That’s it – we’ll take care of the rest!  When we have an email on file for your community, the lead generating links automatically appear on your profile page.  You don’t have to do any additional work.

No Email address on file.

Last month over 21,900 people searched MHVillage for community information.  People use the site to look for homes for sale and rent, search for vacant sites, research pet policies and more.  When they have questions, they want to contact the communities directly.  These are all fantastic leads to help you fill sites and sell homes, but all too many community managers don’t take the time to update their information on MHVillage.  When that happens, these opportunities are lost.

For those communities that are updated and have an email on file, we send out a ton of leads – over 4,000 last month alone!

So, how do I put my email address in?

This toolbox is located under the photos on your community page. Just click the Edit Community link.

Just go to your community on MHVillage and click the Edit Community button.  Once you verify that you are the owner or manager (note: you must be the owner or manager to make updates) you can make any changes you need to.  Add in the email address and while you are there, make sure that your vacant sites and other information is all up-to-date.

But what if I use a Broker to sell my mobile homes?

No problem!  You can put in whatever information you want.  You are welcome to have a different email address on the community than you have in your account.  Have multiple communities?  You get to choose – have all the leads sent to one email or, put a different email address for each location, it is totally up to you.

My community is full, why bother?

It’s worth updating your information because MHVillage has become the #1 place for people looking for information on mobile home parks and manufactured home communities.  Even if you community is full, wouldn’t you like to have a list of interested residents waiting to get in?  All it takes is a few minutes on MHVillage.

MHVillage Makes it Easy to Post on Facebook and Twitter

In February, Facebook announced that it had over 4 million users. (

Twitter users are sending 600 tweets per second. (

In other words, the number of people using social networking just continues to skyrocket.  If your company has a Facebook or Twitter account, MHVillage gives you a number of ways to easily post your listing, company or community information with just a few clicks.  As you may know, with social networking, the key is to add good information to your page on a consistent basis.  It doesn’t have to be daily (At MHVillage we update our Facebook page 2-3 times a week.) but it should be done regularly.  Here are some ways we give you to make it easier:

The Actions toolbox on a manufactured home listing on MHVillage. Click "Share" to add it to Facebook, Twitter or Delicious.

Handy Tools Right on the Listing

On every where to buy naltrexone in south africa listing, community and company on MHVillage, there is an “Actions Toolbox.”  Click the “Share” button to post to Facebook, Twitter or Delicious.

This is a great way to remind people of manufactured homes you have available or to announce special sales promotions!

Post New Homes for Sale, Open Houses or Announce Your Sales – NEW!

Now we make it even easier – When you add a listing to MHVillage, hold an open house, mark your home as sale pending, or mark your home as sold you will have the option to post that information to your Facebook or Twitter page!  Already Kim Woodruff from Jensen Communities used the new feature:

I have just recently updated 2 listings and after I hit “checkout” it asks me if I want to post to the Facebook or Twitter page.  I have done it.

That is a great idea!!!

– Kim

Glad you liked it, Kim!