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A Great Selling Tool for Your Website

Does your company website have all your homes for sale and rent on it?  Are all your listings current and up to date?

You’ve probably heard the statistics – 85-90% of home buyers begin their search on the web. In fact, MHVillage gets over 25,000 people on the site every day – which means there are a lot of people out there who are shopping for manufactured homes.  Many companies are hiring web designers and building their own websites to capture this market.  There is only one problem, getting all your manufactured homes for sale on the site can be a pain.  An expensive pain.

Unlike your company information, home listings change.  They sell and they rent, new ones need to be added, and prices and photographs need to be updated.  Keeping your buy naltrexone 4.5 mg site up to date can be a challenge.

Some companies are big enough to have on-site technical staff to make changes for you, but that can take time and your IT staff may not be on the front lines of what properties are available. Other companies rely on their outside web designers to help, but this too can take a lot of time and some designers charge for each change you want to make to your site.  Sell a home?  That’s a charge.  Add a home?  That’s another.  Other designers can create tools in your site you can use to do updates yourself which can be a great solution, but you still have to make sure to update your own site as well as anywhere else you have your homes listed.

MHVillage can help.

Did you know that MHVillage offers the “i-Frame,” which can eliminate all these problems? An i-Frame is basically a little piece of code that your web designer or IT person can just add to your website, and it will make all your MHVillage listings automatically appear on your site for you. This means you only have to do the updating once – add a listing, change one, whatever – do it on MHV and it is done on your site as well. (And that includes photos!)  MHVillage already has the tools and the databases to help you easily manage and update your listings, with an i-Frame you can do it all in one place.

The i-Frame is also cost effective.  It is just a $1.00 a home and is available to our Pro+ customers.  Want to see some examples?  Click here or here to see how some companies are using the i-Frame on their site.  If you would like to learn more, email the Customer Service team at MHVillage or give us a call at 800/397-2158.

Using MHVillage to Promote Your Company Online

Under the View/Change/Remove Listings and Company Information area in your account. (Click to enlarge the image.)

In this age of online commerce, there are countless options for advertising your business.  The key is finding the marketing solutions that make sense for you, both in terms of cost and efficiency.  If you list your homes on MHVillage, we offer a number of quick and easy ways to promote your company that are included right in your account. Pro and Pro+ accounts all include a Company Profile page that advertises your listings and only your listings.  These profile pages, which get viewed by thousands of mobile home buyers, can be used as your own mini-webpage or as a way to drive traffic to your company’s website.

You can create your Company Profile page right in your MHVillage account. It is quick and easy to do – just go to the same place in your account where you update your listings.  There you can also update your company information.  Above is an example of a sample page from within an account.  Need to change something?  Just click any of the little yellow pencils.  Those are your tools to edit anything on this page.

Sample Professional Account - use the description field to really sell your company. (Click to enlarge.)

This is what this same sample page would look like to a shopper. The page is serviceable and has some basic information.  But let’s take a look at what happens when we start to fill out the page a little.  On a Pro account you can add additional phone numbers, business hours, driving directions and a description of your company.  With just a little effort, you can make this page much more welcoming and informative to buyers.  You can use the description field to write whatever you want and really sell your company.  It really makes a difference!

Here is the same fictional company with more sales information added. (Click to enlarge.)

Now, there is one more simple step that everyone with a Pro account should do: create your own sales web link to this page.  MHVillage lets you customize a link that will take people directly to this page.  Remember, your Company Profile shows all your listings, and only your listings, so it is a quick and easy way to direct people to see your homes online.  You can use this link as part of your email signature, in your newspaper and print advertising – anywhere you want! Continue reading