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Helping Buyers Find Your Manufactured Homes for Sale or Rent

Here’s a quick tip for all you community owners and managers out there:  did you know MHVillage can automatically notify potential residents when you have homes that become available?  MHVillage has a “Watch This” program which can work like your own personal leads system.  It sends out an automatic email to potential buyers about your homes for sale or rent, along with your sales promotions, open houses and more.  Here’s how it works:

The Watch This link is on all MHVillage homes, communities and companies.

If you have ever bought or shopped on eBay, you know they have a system where you can Watch a particular item or a seller.  “Watching” saves it to your account so you can keep track of it.  You can also set up searches for particular types of items and be alerted when they are available.  MHVillage offers home shoppers similar tools.  Buyers can click the “Watch This” link on any community and save it to their account.  They are then automatically notified when new home listings are added to that community.  If you have buyers asking about homes in your community, you can tell them to just click the “Watch This” link on MHVillage and we’ll do the work for you – we’ll make sure they are emailed whenever you add a new listing or have an open house.  And the good news it that it isn’t just for the communities, buyers can also choose to Watch Company pages on MHVillage – individual homes too!

Click this link in your account to send a message to your fans.

You can even send a note those Watching your homes or communities.  Just log into your account and under the Watched Listings, Communities and Dealers heading, and click “Talk to Your Fans.”  With this tool you can send a customized message to those who are Watching your properties.  So, if you have a special event coming up or a sales promotion, this is a great way to let people know about it.

(…by the way, all of these tools are free and are a part of the service included in your MHVillage account.)

Speaking of great tools for buyers, MHVillage also encourages shoppers to set up “Ideal Home Alerts.”  Ideal Home Alerts allow a buyer to set up a particular search on MHVillage and be emailed whenever a home is listed that matches their criteria.  Here’s an example: let’s say someone is looking for a 3 bedroom, 2 bath home in Carlisle, PA.  They can use the Ideal Home Alerts to not only search for those homes, but also have MHVillage notify them whenever 3 bedroom, 2 bath homes in Carlisle are added to the site.  If you would like to see how this works, just check out our Search Page for finding homes for sale or rent.

Would you like to know what people are looking for in your area?  Pro+ accounts on MHVillage are sent Ideal Home Leads.  So, whenever anyone creates an Ideal Home search, we send that lead to the Pro+ accounts in that area.  If you would like to receive these, simply update your account to a Pro+ now.  If you have questions on upgrading, please call customer service at 800/397-2158.

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What is the best way to advertise my manufactured homes and business to people outside of my area?

We get this question a lot.  For example, pros in warm climate states want to attract northern snowbirds, or a community that is outside a major city wants to sell their quiet suburban location to folks who commute.  And of course, everyone want to be able to target home buyers that are looking to relocate!  What are the best ways to do this?

List your entire inventory on MHVillage.

Reaching people nationwide is the power and beauty of the internet.  A website like MHVillage is seen and searched by thousands of people, nationwide, at all times of the day.  (In fact, even on Superbowl Sunday over 26,000 people were searching MHVillage for homes!  Our traffic graphs showed huge spikes of activity during commercial breaks and halftime.  It seems that the search for a new home never stops – even on game day.)

However, some companies don’t use this massive marketing power to its fullest.  They list only a few of their homes or don’t provide enough information to really sell the homes to the buyer.  For best results, list every home, and make sure each listing is as complete as possible.  Here’s why:

  1. You never know what is going to attract the right buyer.  It might be the garden tub, the extra bedrooms, or the low price. Having a range of homes with different floor plans and at different prices gives the buyer the most selection.
  2. On MHVillage, the more upgraded homes you have, the higher your company will appear in search results.  If you do a search for retailers, they are sorted by Pro+ accounts first, followed by Pro accounts.  Within those categories, the more Featured and Premium listings you have, the higher your company will be in the search.
  3. Buyers looking on the internet want all the information they can get.  The more photos you have of the home and community, the more complete your description is, the more contacts you will get.

Also list your entire inventory on your own website.

Does your company website have all your home listings on it?  Are they up-to-date?  Can people in neighboring naltrexone 4.5mg buy states see all that you have available?  Making sure your own company information is accurate and current is a key component of internet marketing.  If you need assistance, MHVillage can help: we have a product called the i-frame that will let you put the information on your homes in just once using MHVillage and it will automatically update your company website.  Read our article called A Great Selling Tool for Your Website to learn more.

Use banner ads to target specific markets.

Sample PPC Ad

Do you want to advertise your manufactured homes to buyers in a specific state or even a particular county within a state?  The MHVillage PPC ads can help you do just that!  PPC stands for Pay Per Click.  These are the ads that run along the right and left sides of web pages on MHVillage.  In just a few simple steps, you can create your own PPC ad and direct home buyers straight to your company’s website.  Don’t have a website yet?  You can also use the PPC ads to direct traffic to your Company Profile on MHVillage.  Your company profile is a customizable web page on MHVillage that shows all your homes – and only your homes.  It can work like just like your own mini-website.

The advantage to PPC advertising is that you get to select where it shows.  You can pick an entire state, or select just specific counties.  You can also run different ads in different areas.  For example, you could have one ad that targets people in Lake county Florida and completely different one that specifically markets to buyers in Pima county Arizona.  Our PPC ads are very flexible and allow for a wide variety of marketing opportunities.  You can even advertise other services your company might offer, like financing or RV spaces.  To learn more about PPC ads click here to go to the FAQ page on MHVillage.

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