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Dealer Lot Homes Get a Facelift on

This is an example search for homes in Grand Rapids. Note the new tab at the top and the blue invitation in the list.

Recently MHVillage created a new “On Dealer Lot” tab. This new tab is expressly designed for new and used manufactured homes located at your retail locations or at your sales center. With tens of thousands of manufactured homes for sale on MHVillage, we are constantly looking for ways to help buyers quickly and easily find the perfect home.  This tab has proven popular from day one.  Buyers love it because it helps them find exactly what they are looking for.

How does this new feature improve your qualified sales lead generation?

Homes on Dealer Lots Have an Expanded Search Area.

Naturally, sited homes already have a specific address, however, manufactured homes on a dealer lot can be delivered to anywhere within a great distance. The new On Dealer Lot tab allows us to show these homes in a search radius of at least 20 miles. This means that your products aren’t tied to specific addresses and buyers shopping nearby can see what your sales center has to offer!

Does your dealership service a larger area?  Just tell us by upgrading your account.  You can arrange for your homes to display 30, 50, up to 80 miles away. (Note: If you have always been near, but not in, a large city, now you can put your product in the key city searches – you control the areas where your homes appear.)

The new tab only shows homes that are located on sales centers.

Higher Search Placement.

In most cases there are far more sited homes than dealer lot inventory. So it makes sense if you remove 70% of the competition, you are going to place higher. Page three results might now be page one, and page one might move to the top of the page.

Better Customer Alignment.

On dealer lot homes can be some of the most, or the least, expensive homes in an area. Expensive dealer lot homes are costly because they are new and have upgraded features, not that they are on a golf-course. Inexpensive homes are repos and trade-ins, not in an undesirable park. In either case, by breaking these homes into their own section we align the customer’s assumptions with the product they are looking at. If the shopper already knows all these homes must be moved, then they can make the correct adjustments. This improved alignment is critical to converting shoppers into qualified prospects, and eventually sales.

How to Have Your Homes Display on the On Dealer Lot Tab

You have three options to maximize your listing power. These options will work individually, but when used together you get a multiplier effect. This is a case where 1 + 1 + 1 = 20.  Or more.

  1. List your entire dealer lot inventory. New homes, repos, trade ins, everything. Make sure you have listed an option for every budget and delivery schedule.  When you enter the address choose “On a Dealer’s Lot” from the Location menu.  Note: The home’s address must be the same as the Retail location’s address or the home may not display in search results.
  2. Upgrade a selection of homes to Premium. Premium homes display on the first page of search results, so make sure you present options at different price points on the first page.
  3. Extend the reach of these listings by upgrading your account to broaden your Market Service Area. This final marketing multiplier is shown in this example. This Pro account is located near Orlando.  Their Dealer Lot homes would show out to Kissimmee, Apopka, and Sanford – see the blue box.  Now let’s crank up the Multiplier effect. Upgrade to a Pro+ Silver.  The gray box is 100 miles across and your reach extends from Port Orange and Palm Bay on the coast, to Winter Haven and Lakeland in the interior. And for the top-level Pro+ Gold which is 160 miles across (outside gold box) your reach extends across the entire area in the example, including Tampa and Bradenton on the west coast, to Fort Pierce and Daytona Beach on the east coast and including as far as Gainesville and Orlando in the interior.  Here is how to set your Market Area:  just log into your account and select Update Your Account Information.  Click the Market Area tab and choose your option.  Have questions?  Give us a call at 800/397-2158.  We are happy to assist.

Here at MHVillage, 2012 is already starting strong with record numbers of web traffic and buyers shopping the site.  Maximize your sales by taking advantage of these tools today!