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Palm Spring Homes Photographed by Jeffrey Milstein

Small Dreams, Trailer Parks in Palm Springs: Jeffery Milstein Photographer

Though we at MHVillage dislike the “T Word” we love these photos by Jeffrey Milstein entitled Small Dreams, Trailer Parks in Palm Springs.  Here is a bit about the collection from an article in feature shoot by Alison Zavos:

Jeffrey Milstein’s series Small Dreams, Trailer Parks in Palm Springs presents a typology of the post WWII trailers that popped up in Palm Springs, California. Early models were made buy naltrexone online cheap using surplus sheet metal and the technology developed to make World War II aircraft. Over the years people would add on, remodel, and create mini gardens and decorative statements. Shot from the same straightforward angle, each exterior facade photograph reflects on the nuanced details and expressive personalized touches of their inhabitants.

If you would like to see more of Jeffrey Milstien’s photographs of these beautiful and fun homes in Florida, he has a complete slideshow on his website at

Be Smart! Know Your State’s Rules and Regulations

Everyone knows that buyers are now searching for homes online.  In fact, well over 80% of buyers say that they begin their search for a new home by searching on websites – so it only makes sense that the internet is the place to advertise!

While the internet is an efficient and inexpensive way to generate leads, we do have one word of caution, however:  some states have very specific rules about how professionals post home listings.  Just like in print, your regulatory agency my have rules that apply to online advertising.

Some examples of items your state may require:

  • License Numbers
  • Serial Numbers
  • Department of Housing Numbers
  • and other state specific requirements.

Every state is different.  Be sure that you and your staff know what is required in your area.  Have questions?  A wonderful source for information is your local state association – we have a list of all of them on

Be smart – advertise online where the buyers are, but do it according to your state’s rules and regs!