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Manufactured Housing Professionals – Direct Traffic to Your Website!

We regularly receive calls from industry pros who are looking to increase traffic to their websites. As you know, you can add links to your company’s webpage on your listings, communities and business profile on MHVillage. But what if your company doesn’t sell homes, but another MH product? Or, what if you want to advertise your homes to people in other states – especially those snow birds? How can you promote your products and services to the 40,000 browsers that shop MHVillage each day?

The Answer: Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC) is an easy way to reach people who are searching for manufactured homes, products and services. It allows you to target only the people in your geographic area, and best of all – you only pay when a prospect actually visits your website.

You’ve probably noticed the PPC ads on our site. They are on the left and right sides of our website, and appear when people search within specific cities, counties and zip codes. What you may not have known is that you can create your own PPC ad simply and easily. You can advertise just about anything that would be appropriate for our target audience.* So, if your company also offers financing or insurance, or runs special promotions, you can increase your exposure by creating a PPC ad.

PPC Ads Target Your Specific Market

When you create your PPC ad, you choose where you would like the ad to appear. You can choose specific counties or an entire state.  Want to tell all the folks in Minnesota about your Florida Senior Community? It is easy to do! Want to market an Open House to people in just your county? You can do that too! Basically, when visitors come to the site, they search for homes and communities by location. If their target area is in a county you have chosen, your ad appears. For example: if you create an ad for Kent County, Michigan and a buyer searches for homes in 49525, your ad will appear because 49525 is in Kent County.

How Effective Are Pay-Per-Click Ads?

The title says it all: “Pay-Per-Click” means that you only pay when someone clicks on your ad and goes to your website. So, PPC are very effective because you only pay for results. You can monitor each day how many people are clicking on your ad. Have too many? You can turn the ad on or off at will, or simply set a maximum for the day. Having too few? You can make changes to your ad whenever you like, or create different ads for different areas and tweak them until you get the exact the results you want. No matter what you do, we will only charge you for the actual clicks to your website each month.

How Much Does It Cost?

The cost is completely up to you!  First, you decide how much you will pay per click (minimum $0.29). Then you decide the maximum amount of money you will pay per day. When your daily maximum is reached, your ad is no longer displayed that day.

Note that in most areas, the minimum bid of $0.29 is sufficient. However, in very competitive markets, you might need to bid more. will only display five ads on any web page, so only the top five bidders’ ads will be displayed.  Also, ads are displayed from top to bottom, based on the amount of the bid.

Getting Started

Want to see how it works? Take a look at our Ad Creation page. It will let you start building an ad today. Feel free to play with the tools and create sample ads – nothing goes live until you want it to. Need help? Just give us a call at 800/397-2158.




* Of course, it has to be legal and not competitive to our site, nor can it be something with which we do not wish to be associated. See our terms of service for all the details.

NEW! Better Branding for Your Company on MHVillage

This is an example of how the new Branding can work for you. (Click to enlarge.)

Have you noticed the new look on MHVillage company, community and home listings?  We’ve given them a facelift and added bigger photos, easier to click buttons, and more invitations for buyers to contact you! Along with the new look, we have also added a new option to better market your company on your home listings.


Now you can opt to Brand your listings. When you select this option, you can remove all the Google ads from your home listing page and personalize it with your photo, company logo, marketing information, and links to your other listings. Here’s the best part – there is no additional work for you!  We automatically replace the Google ads with information you have already loaded.

Your Photo

Real Estate agents have said it for years, you aren’t just selling the home, you are also selling yourself. Referrals can be the lifeblood of our business, and one way to generate recognition and trust is to add your photo to your listings. This feature is already available to you, as a Professional, on every listing. You can upload a sales person photo at the same place you enter your contact information on a listing.

When you Brand your listing, the sales person photo is at the top, prominently displayed.

Your Logo and Company Information

Your company information is taken from your Company Profile. If you have a Pro+ account and have uploaded a logo and website link, those will be added to the left side of every Branded listing.

Other Homes

This, of course, is simply a snapshot of other homes you have listed on MHVillage. The Other Homes section will randomly select up to four other homes you have listed and will add them, with their photos, to your listing.

How to Brand Your Homes

You can select which homes you would like to Brand – choose a few from your portfolio, or Brand them all. To add the Branding option, just log into your account, go to your list of homes, and select the Enhance Listing link.  Branding is just $2.00 a month.

Have questions? Give our Customer Service team a call at 800/397-2158. We are always happy to help.

2012 WMA Convention and Expo – See You There!

Are you a member of the Western Manufactured Housing Community Association?  If so, you know the 2012 WMA Convention and Expo is this October 15th through 18th in Las Vegas, NV. From the WMA’s website:

This year’s Convention will feature seminars with industry experts focused on shaping our future and our communities; sessions buy low-dose naltrexone australia covering practical business issues; opportunities to network with other industry leaders; and a dynamic Expo to make your attendance worthwhile!

MHVillage is going to be there, so if you are planning on attending – be sure and stop by the MHVillage booth and say “hello!” We would love to talk with you!

Have You Seen Our September Statistics?

September Sales Results

Fall web traffic is traditionally a bit quieter here at MHVillage.  After the summer rush, things settle into a comfortable pace as we head into “Back To School” season.  Nonetheless, manufactured home sales and web traffic is still strong:

In September, received 1,603,483 visits from folks searching for manufactured homes and communities. That is over one million visits to our site – in one month! There have been 14,665,064 visits year to date – and we still have three months left in the year!

Have you seen our new look?  We’re constantly updating our site to make it even easier for buyers to contact you. Check out the new look of listing pages – we’ve made it even easier for buyers and sellers to connect.  We’re updating the site with easier to use contact tools, bigger photos and more options.  In September, we sent out 57, 583 sales leads.  Year to date, those sales leads we sent reached a total of 418,413.  (Please note that those leads are all electronic leads – that number does not take into consideration the estimated 40,000 phone inquires that we generate each month.)

Of course, the process isn’t complete unless the manufactured and mobile home listings on MHVillage then become sales! Last month, users reported 4,975 homes sold just in the month September.  Year to date, there have been 50,610 homes on MHVillage marked as sold, nationwide.

Are you getting your share of the leads and home sales?  If not, give our customer service team a call at 800/327-2158.  We will be happy to give your account a custom, personalized, review to make sure you are getting the most out of your MHVillage account.