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Are you Planning on Attending the Louisville Manufactured Housing Show?

Louisville Manufactured HousingIf so, we’ll see you there! As I am sure you know, the Louisville Manufactured Housing Show is at the Kentucky Exposition Center in Louisville, KY. It is running January 23 through the 25th, 2013. Here at MHVillage, we’re packing up our trade show booth and getting ready to take it on the road!  If you are planning on attending, where to buy naltrexone please let us know – we’d love to have to stop by our booth for a visit. Find us at Booth 324!

If you would like more information or are interested in attending, you can learn much more about this industry trade show at

Louisville Manufactured Housing Show

November Buyer Statistics on


Though it is the holiday season, web traffic is holding strong! Just take a look at some of these numbers:

Online visitis, leads and sales

Website visits in November were at 1,352,193 – that’s over 45,000 per day! Year to date, MHVillage has received over 17,542,805 visits – and the year isn’t over yet! This web traffic is why MHVillage is the nation’s largest website for listing, and selling, manufactured homes. If your entire portfolio of homes isn’t listed on MHVillage, you might be missing out on some great sales opportunities.  For example:

Last month we sent out 55,641 sales leads to home sellers like yourself.  So far this year, we have sent out over a half million sales leads (534,172 leads). And keep in mind when you read these numbers that unlike some real estate websites, MHVillage only has manufactured housing – so every one of these leads is someone interested specifically in mobile or manufactured homes.  Also note that these numbers just reflect the leads we’ve emailed out – it doesn’t include the nearly 40,000 phone leads generated each month.

Here’s the most important part: in November, 5,036 homes were marked as sold – that’s over 150 homes per day!

If your homes are on MHVillage, but you aren’t getting the amount of leads you think you should, take a moment and check out these other articles about how to boost the sales effectiveness of your listings.  Or, just give us a call – we are always happy to help!

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