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Meet Me at the The Southeast Community Owners Symposium Oct. 8-10

Manufactured Home Community Owners Meeting

Register for the symposium before Sept. 24th and save $55.


This October I will be speaking at the Southeast Community Owners Symposium in Forsyth, Georgia. This is a wonderful event and a great opportunity to learn valuable marketing and sales techniques. I will be holding a session on Making the Most of your Listings on MHVillage. I’ll walk you through simple and effective tips for making the most out of your online advertising, with MHVillage – or anywhere else! In addition, there are a number of other great seminars and events during the Symposium. Be sure and check out their website for more information.

Here’s what the Symposium is all about:

Three Day Southeast Community Owner’s Symposium
October 8-10, 2013

The Southeast Community Owner’s symposium provides a forum for community owners to network learn and share new ideas, what works and doesn’t work and hear from industry experts with owners from across the region.

As you wrestle with filling every unoccupied space, grappling with new regulations, squeezing out just a bit more profit; reach out to others that are creating traffic, staying compliant and making more money.

Get a better understanding of the pitfalls in community operations from other owners and managers just like you. You will get the opportunity to network with fellow operators and hear what is working and more importantly, not working.

Bring your questions and find your next step and the resources available. Hear case studies of four communities and understand the issues preventing them from increasing occupancy and the recommendations making every situation better.

As we all struggle with the availability of financing, learn about some of the hottest programs from national lenders and local banks.

You will look back and be glad that you attended this non-profit meeting created by community owners for community owners. We want to hear what you are doing and we will all share what is working.

Want to learn more? Go to for event information and registration.

MHVillage July Results



It’s that time again – let’s take a look at the results of another strong month!

Website Visits

July 2013 – 1,799,581

Year to Date – 11,582,671

Last month was such a great month for web visits that we hit some record numbers. MHVillage typically has about 46,000 viewers a day, but in July, we started seeing a trend, with days with well over 50,000 viewers! That certainly kept us busy. In fact, we are working hard to keep those numbers high. You might have noticed a few small changes to the site. We’ve been updating the look, the tools and search results on our site, in order to generate the most manufactured housing leads for you. Speaking of which…

Sales Leads

July 2013 – 64,296

Year to Date – 422,867

As I always say: don’t miss the fine print on those numbers – these do not include the estimated 40,000 phone inquiries generated each month! Remember too that we’ve also created an easy-to-use mobile website for home buyers to help them quickly shop for manufactured housing right on their smart phone. This mobile site doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of our full website (though you can easily switch over to the full version anytime you choose.) Instead, it was designed to help home buyers and potential residents find the communities and homes they are looking for.

Homes Sold

July 2013 – 4,805

Year to Date – 36,068

Are your homes on MHVillage selling? If not, it could be that you are missing some of the powerful opportunities and tools offered on the site. Read my Missed Marketing Opportunities series to find some simple ways to make your listings more attractive to home buyers. Or email us, we are happy to look over your account for you and offer suggestions to help.

The #1 Marketplace for Manufactured Homes… and I Can Prove It.

Something like this. Please note community owners, updating your photos on MHVIllage is free.

An actual community photo on MHVillage. Please note community owners, updating your photos on MHVillage is free.

The other day I received a call from a real estate agent in Florida. “Hey Dawn,” he said, “I am not finding any homes for sale in (XYZ) Community. I know they must have homes for sale – they have over 200 sites. Am I doing something wrong?” I took a look, and then told him that he wasn’t doing anything wrong. That, although there are over 28,000 listings on the site, not every home listing was on MHVillage yet. I pointed out that this particular community had obviously not updated their information on the site… they still had a scanned Polaroid photo for their community. He said, “Why aren’t they on your site? What, do they think it is still 1950?” We laughed.

Every week we receive several phone calls like that – usually from home buyers who say, “I saw a home for sale in (MNO) Community and I would like more information about it.” MHVillage has become the nation’s authority on manufactured homes for sale or for rent. I know that sounds like hyperbole – anyone can say they are the “biggest” or “most popular” industry site, but you know I wouldn’t say it unless I had the numbers to back it up, and you know I do:

The Numbers:

MHVillage on Compete

Comparison of Manufactured Housing Industry Websites from (click to enlarge)

The graph above compares the web traffic of various manufactured housing industry websites. The information comes from Compete, Inc., a Kantar Media Company, who is recognized as the premier provider of digital intelligence to the world’s top brands. (For more information go to

Note that all of our web traffic is specifically interested in manufactured housing, and our numbers are growing! This Monday (well after the above graph was created,) we topped over 50,000 unique visitors – all folks researching manufactured housing in one day. We have numbers like that day after day.

How do we do it? We have a team that is constantly working to boost the site and help you get you more leads. We work on updating the look and feel for browsers, and we’ve added a number of tools to make your listings more effective and attractive to home buyers. (Read my series on Missed Marketing Opportunities for more information on these tools.) We have staff that works behind the scene, making sure that people using search engines like Google can find your homes. It’s all part of being America’s #1 Marketplace to Buy, Sell, or Rent Mobile or Manufactured Homes.