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October Results on MHVillage



As we round out November, we’re looking back at a very positive October. Even though the kids are back in school and people are thinking about the holidays, web traffic continues to be strong and, even better, web leads are up! (Are you getting the web leads and traffic you are looking for? If not, we can help! Give us a call and we can go over your account with you and help you take advantage of all the benefits MHVillage has to offer. Or read my Missed Marketing Opportunities series to find some simple ways to make your listings more attractive to home buyers.)

Check out the October sales results on MHVillage:

Website Visits

October 2013 – 1,631,101

Year to Date – 16,686,705

October generated slightly fewer web visits than September, though both months had over 1.6 million visits. In fact, we are well on the way of having 19 to 20 million web visits in 2013! Keep in mind when you look at these numbers that has information on manufactured and mobile homes only, so these numbers show the power of our industry and how many people are searching for affordable living solutions.

Sales Leads

October 2013 – 52,132

Year to Date – 586,199

Though web visits were slightly lower this month than last, sales buy naltrexone spain leads were up! In September we sent 47,050 leads out to sellers like yourself, last month we sent over 52,000. The upshot? People shopping MHVillage are serious about buying homes. They aren’t just browsing, they are also calling, emailing and asking for more information. Most importantly, they are also buying. You can see that in this number –

Homes Sold

October 2013 – 5,053

Year to Date – 50,656

Over 50,000 manufactured homes that were advertised on MHVillage were marked as sold in the first 10 months of the year! And just because we are in the holiday season, don’t think that now is the time to slow down. In fact, December 26th is traditionally an incredibly high traffic day on MHVillage, kicking off a great new year! If you want to take advantage of this spike in traffic, use the next 6 weeks to get all your inventory online (Read “One Simple Step to Getting More Leads” to learn why this is important), make sure your company information on MHVillage is up to date (Eight Missed Marketing Opportunities – Your Sales Center on MHVillage) and make sure your company website is linked on MHVillage. (Link to Your Web Site!) Don’t wait until spring – now is the time you want to get ready.

Missed Marketing Opportunity – Caption Your Photos


Did you know that there is a simple way to make every one of your home photos more enticing… and it has nothing to do with a camera? It’s simple, requires no additional technology and it’s free. It’s a tool in your MHVillage account, and you’re probably not using it. I’m talking about:

Photo Captions

Example of adding a photo caption. (Click to enlarge)

Example of adding a photo caption. (Click to enlarge)

What is a photo caption? It’s phrase or short sentence that you can add to your MHVillage listings to describe each and every photo. Sadly, it is also a Missed Marketing Opportunity. Captions are easy to add and can quickly point out things that buyers might otherwise miss. Though a photo might be worth a thousand words, a good caption highlights the best parts!

Every time you add a photo to your home listings or to your community on MHVillage there is a field for adding a caption. Far too often I see these fields left blank, or when they are filled in, they are labeled with something that is obvious from the photo. Not having a good caption won’t hurt your listing, but adding just a few words can really help your listing. And remember what I always say – better listings, better leads!

Want to make your photos shine? Instead of labeling an exterior photo “Front of house” how about: “Great school district,” “Big corner lot,” or “New roof”? Use the caption line to give the buyer more information, and more reasons to call. Here’s some ways to use your photo captions:

  • Talk about features that might not be obvious from the photo, i.e. “Recently painted walls”
  • Paint a story for your buyer. On a photo of a patio, for example, “Perfect spot for a grill!”
  • Highlight current promotions, “Includes flat screen tv”
  • Add a call to action, “This will sell fast!”
  • Add appeal to the home “Open floor plan”, “Cozy home”, “Move right in!”
  • And don’t forget… you can put captions on your community photos too!