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Your Brand, Your Listings (Whitepaper)


Did you know that with one click you can add your company logo, your sales photo, customized information about your company, additional contact fields (including a link to your website), and a photo gallery of your homes to every MHVillage listing? Our Branding tool replaces the standard Google ads with your company information.

Here’s how it works:

When you are entering your listing, just click the Brand My Listing box. We’ll automatically remove the Google ads and fill in the column to the right of the listing with your information, taken from your account.

To get the most out of your Branding your listings, Download the white paper below for more step by step instructions – and as always, let us know if you have any questions. We are always happy to help!

Branding Your Listings




JLT & Associates Releases 14-Year Summary Report of Rent and Occupancy Trends for Southwest Markets

Vice President, Marketing & Business Development at Datacomp – Operator of & Publisher of JLT Rent Surveys

We’ve released a summary report highlighting Southwest manufactured home community rent and occupancy trends from 2000 to 2014, at no charge, for the benefit of industry professionals.

An excerpt from the report:

JLT & Associates Releases 14-Year Summary Report of Rent and Occupancy Trends for Southwest Markets Southwest Region Manufactured Home Communities Showing Rent and Occupancy Growth, Outpacing National Average, According to JLT & Associates’ 14-Year Market Summary Report

Grand Rapids, MichiganJLT & Associates (JLT), the nation’s #1 market research company for the manufactured housing industry, today announced a 14-year summary report of its manufactured home community rent surveys for 6 Southwest markets.

Recognized as the industry standard for manufactured home community market analysis for over 20 years, JLT Rent Surveys provide detailed research and information on communities located in 72 markets throughout the United States, including the latest rent trends and statistics, marketing programs and a variety of other order revia naltrexone useful management insights.

The most recent JLT Rent Surveys for the Southwest region cover 261 manufactured home communities encompassing 69,728 homesites in Albuquerque, Greater Kansas City, Greater Phoenix, Las Vegas, Tucson and Salt Lake City. This summary report is based on rent and occupancy trends from 2000 to 2014.

Findings and Observations

Occupancy on the Rise

According to the summary, occupancy rates in the Southwest region “All Ages” manufactured home communities increased by 1.3% to an average 86.4% occupancy in 2014 after several years of declines and relatively stagnant growth. This represents the first increase since 2012 and the largest increase in occupancy since 2007. Overall, manufactured home occupancy rates in the Southwest have declined by 7.3% since a recorded high of an average 93.1% occupancy rate in 2000. Occupancy rates continue to outpace the national average of 82% for All Ages communities. []

Click to read the entire report on the JLT & associates website or for more information contact JLT & Associates directly at 800.588.5426.