Monthly Archives: December 2016

‘Tis The Season for Giving & Traffic!

Our Holiday gift this year is Free Branding for New Home Listings until Feb 28th!        (Good on ANY Home Listing that is added to the site).


This is the perfect time to update your Sales Center Page. Then as you list your homes apply our Branding feature via the option provided in the listing process.


This feature (normally $3.00 per home per month) lets you remove all other ads from any new listing and it replaces that space on the page with information automatically pulled from your Sales Center Page. It also shows a link to your website in that area and links to your other listings.

Your account is already set up with this gift, so no need for an AdCode or special link.

All you need to do is list your homes now and apply Branding so you can get the best bang for your buck as our traffic increases throughout  January!

So why is this the perfect time? Starting December 26th, web traffic on MHVillage starts to ramp up! 


In this time the traffic on the site will increase to over and above the highest traffic day in the previous summer!

Just like in any other shopping medium consumers will form their own patterns and trends.     As we all know, shopping malls, movie theaters and restaurants all see a huge boost the week up to and during the holiday season. Over at MHVillage we see this same increase the weeks following the holiday season!

Now, we are not implying that December 26th everyone is online looking for their next mobile home. We mean that consistently, traffic increases from that date and then stays that way as we welcome the new year.

Also, this isn’t a traffic spike, it doesn’t shoot up and then shoot back down. It literally begins to ramp up and set the baseline for the rest of the year.

Another fun fact? This happens every single year! So much so, that internally our technical department starts gearing up for this increase in November to be sure we are ready.

So the next question is, are YOU ready? 

One of the benefits of the housing market being slower during the holidays, is it can give you time to gear up for the increase in your business too. This when you can be sure you are staffed properly and any home or community maintenance or necessary documentation can be updated and ready to go for your customers. Also, it’s the perfect time to be sure that your online marketing it updated and ready too!

Speaking of online marketing, in the next week, here are 5 things you should do on MHVillage:

    1. Make sure your entire inventory is online. I suggest this one a lot, but it is for a simple reason: more home listings = more leads. Remember, Basic listings are free, so it doesn’t cost you anything to get all your homes up and online.
    2. Make your Sales Center page Pro+. This one will cost you a little extra if you don’t already have a Pro+ account. Once you’ve upgraded your account, be sure and add a link to your logos and website. This will not only allow the MHVillage buyers to click over to your site, it will also help in how your company website shows in Google searches.
    3. If you have a Community, make it a Showcase. Again, this will cost a bit,  but you want to look your best to all the buyers. Also, home shoppers do not need to log in to view Showcased communities, so that means more people are going to see your information.
    4. Review your own website. Once you’ve put links to your site from MHVillage on your listings, Sales Center page and Community, click over and look at your website as a buyer would. Is your website up to date? Is the contact information easy to find? Is there an online form for them to get more information?
    5. Take advantage of our Free Branding until Feb 28th for the homes you add to the site. When you apply this you can completely dominate your listings, removing all other ads and adding all your own information.

As always, If you have any questions give us a call!