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MHVillage User Data (Infographic)


Did you know that 33.5% of MHVillage users are between the ages of 25-34? Or that if all the homes sold on MHVillage were lined up end to end, it could almost go across the United States twice? We put together this great infographic on MHVillage User Data for the 2014 National Congress and Expo. Take a look!

MHVillage Infographic page 2


MHVillage Infographic


Click the image above to enlarge, or you can click to download a pdf copy.

Review Your Online Presence – Three Simple Steps

BY: DAWN HIGHHOUSEonline homes for sale

As we round out the end of January, I have one question for you:

Are you ready for 2014 manufactured home buyers?

As we ramp up into spring, now is the time to review your company online. How does your company website look? Is it easy to find? Are your home listings online? If you own a community, can potential residents find information about it online as well? As for why it matters, take a look at this quote from Google:

Real estate professionals know that their customers are uber-connected and informed. Nine in 10 home buyers today rely on the internet as one of their primary research sources, and 52 percent turn to the web as their first step. In fact, real estate related searches on Google.com grew 22% year-over-year. Additionally, approximately one-fifth of real estate related searches happen on mobile devices, and Google real estate related searches on mobile devices grew 120% year-over-year from 2011 to 2012.

(Source: The Digital House Hunt, Consumer and Market Trends in Real Estate)

There are a number of simple first steps you can do right now to get started:

Do Your Own Google Searches –

Did you know that 69% of home shoppers who take action on a website begin their research with a local term, i.e. “Mobile Homes for Sale in Miami”? on a search engine?* Remember, many buyers might not know the name of your company (yet) but they know where they want to live. Do some searches – does your website come up? If not, adding links to your site on other webpages might help. Here’s how to do it on MHVillage:

Missed Marketing Opportunity – Link to Your Website

Critique Your Website –

Take a look at your website. Is it up-to-date? Better yet, ask a trusted friend who has never seen your site to look it over. Is it easy to find information? Can buyers contact you through the site?

If you don’t have a website, did you know MHVillage offers a customizable webpage that displays your listings for you? You can even create your own web address. Here’s how:

Eight Missed Marketing Opportunities – Your Sales Center on MHVillage

Don’t Forget Mobile!

Did you know that 89% of new home shoppers use a mobile search engine at the onset and throughout their research?** Have you checked how your website looks on a smart phone? The MHVillage mobile website for buyers receives over 6,000 views per day. Grab a smart phone and take a look. Some sites look great on phones, others don’t. While you are at it, make sure people can easily click links and navigate through your site on their phone. Things that work great on desktop computers don’t always translate well to mobile.

The Take-away:

Spend a little time acting like a buyer. If you were looking to buy a manufactured home in your area, what would you do? What would you look for? Remember, the internet is constantly changing and more and more people are using it. In fact, real estate related searches on Google.com have grown 253% in the past 4 years!* The web is just as popular with people looking for manufactured homes – there are now 50,000 people on MHVillage per day! Take a little time to look at your online presence now and it will pay off this spring!


*Source: The Digital House Hunt, Consumer and Market Trends in Real Estate
**Source: Google & Compete Home Shopper Mobile Survey, 2012

August Sales Results on MHVillage



As we step out of summer and into fall, let’s take a look at the results from last month. (Click the image above to enlarge.)

Website Visits

August 2013 – 1,812,034

Year to Date – 13,394,705

We thought July was great month with 1,799,561 web visits, yet we manged to top those numbers and beyond with 1,821,034 visits in August! Traffic is continuing to grow on MHVillage – this is what makes us the largest online marketplace for manufactured housing. (Read this article on it is essential to have your entire inventory on MHVillage: One Simple Tip To Getting More Leads.)

Sales Leads

August 2013 – 63,749

Year to Date – 486,616

As I always say: don’t miss the fine print on those numbers – these numbers do not include the estimated 40,000 phone inquiries generated each month! Over the past year we have sent almost a half million leads to manufactured home sellers, just one more sign that there are a lot of folks out there who appreciate and searching for affordable housing.

Homes Sold

August 2013 – 4,943

Year to Date – 40,972

Nearly 5,000 manufactured homes listed on MHVillage were marked as sold in August. Are you getting your share of leads and sales? If not, it could be that you are missing some of the powerful opportunities and tools offered on the site. Read my Missed Marketing Opportunities series to find some simple ways to make your listings more attractive to home buyers. Or email us, we are happy to look over your account for you and offer suggestions to help.

The MHVillage June Results!



Summer has been getting off to a great start here at MHVillage. Here’s a quick look at the results for June:

Website Visits

June 2013 – 1,665,412

Year to Date – 9,783,090

Once again, we hit over 1.6 million visitors to MHVillage! Keep in mind that unlike some real estate websites, MHVillage only advertises manufactured homes for sale or rent, so these 1.6 million people are specifically looking for information on manufactured housing and communities. We also send some of this web traffic to your own websites. Premium listings, Pro+ accounts and Showcased communities all have the ability to add a link to direct our traffic your company’s site.

Sales Leads

June 2013 – 59,881

Year to Date – 358,167

Sales leads are one of the most important things we do around here. We are constantly updating the site and providing new tools to generate leads. If you need help getting more sales leads, check out my series on Missed Marketing Opportunities – it’s a set of articles on simple things you can do to make your online advertising more effective. Or, just email us. We’d be happy to talk with you and make sure you are getting the most out of your account.

Homes Sold

June 2013 – 4,356

Year to Date – 31,523

While spring sales have slowed down a little, summer is still holding strong. Now is a great time to get your entire inventory of homes listed and available for home buyers. (Here’s an article on why it makes sense to list them all right away.) Remember, Basic home listings are free and included in our monthly Professional accounts, so get them up so you can get more attention and get those sales!

The June Statistics Are In!

June Sales Results

Last month, MHVillage.com received 1,552,954 visits from folks searching for manufactured homes and communities.  That is over one million visits to our site – in one month! There have been 9,825,073 visits year to date – and we are only half way through the year.  While it is true that times are tough out there, both for home buyers and for our industry, people continue to need quality, affordable housing.  MHVillage is helping millions of people in their quest for home ownership.

Getting folks to the site and helping them search for manufactured homes and communities isn’t enough, however.  In order to help you be successful, we need to help buyers and sellers connect.  We’re constantly updating our site to make it even easier for buyers to contact you.  Last month we sent out 44,796 sales leads!  So far this year, sales leads we sent reached a total of 282,072.  (Please note that those leads are all electronic leads – that number does not take into consideration the estimated 40,000 phone inquires that we generate each month.)

And of course, the process isn’t complete unless the manufactured and mobile home listings on MHVillage then become sales! Last month, users reported 6,719 homes sold just in the month June.  That is an increase of 830 home sales over May!  Year to date, there have been 34,128 homes on MHVillage marked as sold, nationwide.

Are you getting your share of the leads and home sales?  If not, give our customer service team a call at 800/327-2158.  We will be happy to give your account a custom, personalized, review to make sure you are getting the most out of your MHVillage account.

More Traffic, More Leads, More Sales

It was a terrific month for sellers on MHVillage in November! Keep an eye on this page; in January we’ll be crunching the numbers for 2011.  As a reminder – we typically see a huge increase in traffic right after Christmas.  Make sure your entire inventory is listed today!

In November:

Website visits to MHVillage – 1,099,047

Sales Leads sent to sellers – 41,178

Manufactured Homes Sold – 4,451