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What is the “Talk To Your Fans Feature” on MHVillage?

talk-to-your-fansMHVillage helps you talk to the customers who have shown interest in your listings!

This is called the “Talk To Your Fans” feature

As you know, our website offers a number of advertising tools to home sellers, community managers and retailers. We also offer shopping tools for home buyers on the site. Home shoppers can set up alerts and save listings they are interested in to their accounts.


So who are your “Fans”?

Home buyers have two different ways to become a fan of a listing, community or retail sales center.

1. While searching MHVillage, they can directly click the “Like” option. That saves the listing, community or retail sales center to their account.

2. They can also create an “Ideal Home Search” alert, which will make them a fan of any listing that matches their criteria, (even homes listed after the alert is created).

Once a customer is a “Fan” certain events will trigger automatic updates:

  • Seller lowers the price
  • Photos are updated
  • Description is updated
  • Open House is added
  • Home is marked as “SOLD”
  • Homes are added to the Community or Sales Center

When any of these happen, MHVillage send them an automatic email letting them know.

You can email your Fans directly through the “Talk To Your Fans” tool!

Want to reach out to people who have expressed interest in homes in your area? Here’s how to do it:


Click “Talk to your Fans.” This feature is located on your account page to the right side.






Select which fans you wish to reach out to. You can choose fans of a particular home, or all your fans all at once.

Here you can send an email directly to your interested buyers. There is space for additional information about the home or any buyer incentives you might be offering.





The Talk to your Fans tool is incredibly useful since it gives you the opportunity to reach your consumer base directly. This allows you an added opportunity to connect with them and hopefully sell them their next home!

If you have any questions about the Talk to your Fans tool – or anything in your account – send us an email. We are happy to help!


Florida Rent, Occupancy Continues Growth

JLT Florida Market ReportsMHVillage parent company Datacomp, publisher of JLT Market Reports and the nation’s #1 market data company for the manufactured housing industry, has made available a 17-year summary report of its manufactured home community rent surveys for 32 Florida markets.

For the seventh consecutive year, occupancy rates for Florida “All Ages” manufactured home communities increased. As of May 2017, the occupancy rate for All Ages communities is 91 percent, up 2.4 percent compared with May 2016.  The national average for All Ages communities as of December 2016 was 90 percent.

For the fifth consecutive year, occupancy rates for Florida “55+” communities increased. As of May 2017, the occupancy rate is 95 percent, up 1.2 percent compared with May 2016. The national average for 55+ communities as of December 2016 is 94 percent.

As of May 2017, Florida ranks 11th for average occupancy in All Ages manufactured home communities out of the 131 regions in which JLT rent surveys are published. Of the 20 regions that include 55+ communities, Florida ranks sixth for average occupancy among this segment.

Average rents in All Ages Florida manufactured home communities continued to increase for the 17th consecutive year.

Florida Manufactured Home Community

In May 2017, the average adjusted rent in All Ages communities increased by 3.6 percent to $497, which is consistent with the average annual compounded increase of 3.5 percent during the last 17 years. In comparison, the national average adjusted rent for All Ages communities increased 2.9 percent to $477, as of December 2016.

The average adjusted rent among 55+ communities in May 2017 increased by 3.6 percent to $498. In contrast, the national average adjusted rent for 55+ communities increased 2.9 percent to $507, as of December 2016.

Florida manufactured home community rents ranked sixth out of 23 regions tracked by JLT for All Ages communities as of May 2017, and seventh out of 20 regions for 55+ communities.

Recognized as the industry standard for manufactured home community market analysis for more than 20 years, JLT Market Reports provide detailed research and information on communities located in 131 markets throughout the United States, including the latest rent trends and statistics, marketing programs and a variety of other useful management insights.

Energy is Up at MHI Congress & Expo in Las Vegas

MHI Congress and ExpoIt was a stellar year at the Manufactured Housing Institute’s Congress & Expo in Las Vegas. Five of us from MHVillage attended the show this year, along with about 1,200 others, representing the biggest turnout in a decade.

“That’s proof that the industry is back, it’s healthy, and it’s growing,” MHI President and CEO Dick Jennison said, adding that year-over-year shipments to date are up 17 percent.

There was plenty of discussion about financing mechanisms, a conversation that runs right up to Washington D.C., where Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are in talks with multiple levels of government oversight to provide greater access to personal property, or “chattel”, loans that feed manufactured home sales.

The Congress & Expo was held at Caesar’s Palace, May 2-5.

MHVillage Booth at the 2017 MHI Congress & Expo

MHVillage team members talk with attendees at our booth in the Caesar’s Palace exhibit hall at the MHI Congress & Expo.

MHVillage had a front and center spot in the exhibit hall, greeting longtime account holders and advertisers, as well as gaining new ones.

“We get about 45 to 50 leads a month from MHVillage. We do a lot of business with MHVillage, and it helps,” said James Reitzner, who owns manufactured home communities in Wisconsin and Northern Michigan. “About 45 percent of our leads come from MHVillage.”

Many of the attendees at this year’s show were investors, who have honed in on the trend toward manufactured housing as growing stock in the affordable housing market, and as a stable and long-term solution to diversify real estate holdings.

“There’s been a lot of movement in the industry,” said Tyler Gordon, of West Partners, an investment group in Carlsbad, Calif. “There’s a lot of consolidation, and eager sellers. It’s a matter of finding the right property to buy, which is why many of us are here.”

Mobile Homes & Mobile Phones

Smart Phones. Smart Watches. Tablets. Etc….

We have been watching the consumer market trends when it comes to online shopping and there has been a huge spike in the use of mobile devices being on our site over the last few years.

The numbers above are from last year and it’s only growing higher, because let’s be honest, we all use our phones for practically everything now. If not to check our email or social media outlets, it’s to look for a good place to eat for dinner that night, or send a quick text to the friend you are meeting.

Let’s also remember that online shopping is taking over too. Buyers are not only shopping for clothing, home goods and power tools, they are shopping for their next home via their phone as well!

98% of home buyers found mobile devices to be valuable tools in the home search process.

So, how do you ensure you and your company are ready for this trend?

Make sure your website and your online content are mobile friendly.

These days most website development companies or platforms include the mobile version, but if you are having your website designed or maintained by a professional company then you will want to check with them to insure your site looks great on mobile devices too.

MHVillage has been working on this the last few years by launching our MHVillage App for professionals (if you haven’t tried it yet, you should!) and our site now offers mobile friendly services to home shoppers and buyers.

Also, remember that while the design of your site and its capabilities with mobile devices is important, your content is key too. Making sure your phone numbers, website and email contacts are up to date is essential. Another big one is keeping your home descriptions and photos current. Out of date information can turn off online shoppers.

Finally, If you have any questions or would like more assistance with your home, company or community listings on MHVillage, we are here to help, so don’t hesitate to give us a call!

2016 WMA Convention and Expo

WMA Convention and Expo

Winds of Change

Green Valley Ranch Resort & Spa in Henderson, NV

October 10, 2016 – October 13, 2016

MHVillage is proud to be a part of this fantastic event! From the WMA webiste:

Would this be your first WMA Convention? Then you must come to this Convention. Introduce yourself and make connections with people who will give you helpful advice for years to come!

Some of the many highlights of the Convention include:

Golf Tournament
Educational Seminarsscreen-shot-2016-09-27-at-1-24-55-pm
Kick Off Lunch
Welcome Reception and Wine Tasting
Annual Meeting and Luncheon
Present’s Dinner Dance
Dessert Reception


The seminars selected for this year’s Convention are as follows:

Crime Prevention (Mike Mihelich, Facilitator)
Internet Marketing for 2016 and Beyond (Dawn Highhouse)
Labor Law: Leave Laws in California (Kim Parker)
Legal and Management Advice
(Tuesday Panel: Dick Bessire, Moderator)
(Wednesday Panel: Jonathan Boggs, Moderator)
MCM: ADA/FHA Issues and Practical Considerations
(John Pentecost and Thomas Pacelli)
MCM: Application Domination (Joe Carroll and Ruben Garcia)
MCM: HCD Updates (Brad Harward and Caesar Ponce)
MCM: Long Term Leases (Bill Dahlin, Candy Holcombe and Julie Paule)
MCM: Pending Changes in All HCD Registration & Titling Regulations
(Terry Dowdall and Ron Javor)
MCM: The Future of Submetered Electric, Gas and Water Billing
(Andy Gedo, Ed Poole, Darrah Morgan and Linh-Hua)
Mobilehome Community Closures: Buena Vista Mobilehome Park
— A Case Study (Margaret Ecker Nanda)
Pavement Maintenance Seminar (Daren Young)
Solar Application for Manufactured Housing Communities (David Firestone)
Trends and Insights: Boomers and Beyond (Joe Adams)
Update on New Laws (Catherine Borg, Terry Dowdall and Paul Jensen)
Why Effective Listening Matters (Joe Adams)


To register online, click here and log on, or print the registration form and return to us via fax or US mail. You will need to send your completed registration form with payment to the WMA office.

Increasing Your MH Sales in Smart Ways

Manufactured Housing Marketing Sales Management
Publisher of www.MHProNews.com and www.MHLivingNews.com

Knowledge is potential power, and knowledge shared is thereby multiplied. We’re big believers in MHVillage, because pros like you and thousands of others get exposure to literally hundreds of thousands of prospects weekly shopping for a manufactured home (MH). Those buyers are there, because there are so many homes to see on one huge website! It’s like a super center for MH.


On MHProNews.com we’ve featured literally hundreds of MH professionals and their stories. One example is the Inside MH video with award winning Scott Roberts you see linked here is one of thousands of examples of stories and/or videos that you can access. The Industry News Tips and Views Pros can Use © are free, thanks to the support of good companies like MHVillage.com.

We also believe that via social media, videos and other outreach methods, you can connect with a larger audience you might not otherwise attract. Want to sell more homes to customers with cash or good credit? The public-focused videos we feature on MHLivingNews.com range from the ‘everywoman’ and ‘everyman’ types to high level professionals who make big to huge incomes and live in manufactured homes. This example linked below of a video with a senior level executive and her retired husband is a great example.

MHProNews.com ads fresh news, commentary and tips every business day. ManufacturedHomeLivingNews.com gets new videos weekly, interviews and tours that are public focused. Those videos are also being used as a tool by many in MH with specific clients, prospects they want to move-to-yes through the specific topic the video addresses.
By sharing the stage, you attract a bigger audience. It works for MHVillage, it works at the mall and at MH trade shows. It also works for our industry on MHProNews.com and MHLivingNews.com. Check them out!


How to Run a PPC Ad Campaign


Jason Adams and I recently created a video, Learn all About Pay Per Click (or PPC) ads. That video walked you through what a PPC ad is and who can use them on MHVillage. Now, here’s the second video in the series. This second short video (1.54 min.) will take you through the ad creation process, and then, how to maintain your PPC campaign. Want to know how it all works? Check this out:

Your MHVillage PPC Campaign

(BONUS: Watch until the end for a special promotion we are running for new PPC ads in month of June!)

Adding a Profile Picture to Your Listings


According to LinkedIn your LinkedIn profile is 14x more likely to be viewed simply by adding a profile photo. Did you know you can also add a profile photo to your MHVillage listings?

You can upload your profile photo in the Contact section of your MHVillage listing.

Real Estate Professionals have known for years that you are not just selling the home, you are also selling yourself. Adding a profile picture is a great way to personalize your listings on MHVillage. You can upload your profile photo in the Contact section of your home listings – and to make it easier, we store that photo for you, so you only need to upload it once.

Need help getting a great profile picture? LinkedIn has created a simple slideshow that walks you through the process of how to take your own:


MHVillage Sales Pro

Profile Photos – an effective way to brand yourself on every listing on MHVillage.

Looking for even more ways to Brand and Customize your home listings on MHVillage? Download this White Paper on MHVillage Branding.

Or, check out this short video (less than 2 minutes!) on Branding Your Homes on MHVillage.

Have any questions? Send us an email – we are happy to help!

JLT & Associates Releases 2014 Manufactured Home Community Rent and Occupancy Reports for the Midwest, Southeast and the Pacific Northwest Markets

Vice President, Marketing & Business Development at Datacomp – Operator of MHVillage.com & Publisher of JLT Rent Surveys

JLT & Associates (JLT), the nation’s #1 market research company for the manufactured housing industry, today announced the publication of its November 2014 manufactured home community rent and occupancy reports for markets in the Midwest, Southeast and Pacific Northwest regions.

JLT and AssociatesRecognized as the industry standard for manufactured housing market data for over 20 years, rent surveys by JLT & Associates provide detailed research and information on communities located in 73 markets throughout the United States, including the latest rent trends and statistics, marketing programs and a variety of other useful management insights.

JLT’s rent and occupancy reports published in November 2014 include major markets for mobile home communities in Ohio, Indiana and Oregon, as well as Atlanta, Minneapolis/St. Paul and Seattle. Together, these manufactured home rent survey reports track 397 “All Ages” and “55+” communities encompassing a to-tal of 97,335 homesites.

Each manufactured home community rent survey published by JLT includes detailed information about investment grade communities in the major markets, including number of homesites, occupancy rates, average mobile home community rents and increases, community amenities, vacant sites, and repossessed and inventory homes.

JLT rent surveys also include management reports that rank communities by number of homesites, occupancy rates and highest to lowest rents. Detailed reports show trends in each market with a comparison of 2014 rents and occupancy rates to 2013, as well as a historical recap of rents and occupancy from 1996 to 2014 in most markets.

The November 2014 JLT rent surveys for are available for purchase and immediate download online at the JLT & Associates website or they may be ordered in electronic or printed editions by phone at 800.588.5426. Each fully updated report for mobile home communities is a comprehensive look at investment grade properties within a market, enabling owners and managers, lenders, appraisers, brokers, and other organizations to effectively benchmark those communities and make informed decisions.

About JLT & Associates
For more than 20 years, countless professionals have trusted JLT & Associates for timely and accurate management reports on land lease manufactured home communities. JLT Rent Surveys are currently published for 73 markets nationwide and are recognized as the industry standard for manufactured housing industry data. In 2014, JLT merged its resources, skills and expertise with Datacomp, the industry’s oldest and largest national mobile home appraisal company, and MHVillage, the premier website for advertising mobile homes for sale and rent in land lease communities.