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Mobile Homes & Mobile Phones

Smart Phones. Smart Watches. Tablets. Etc….

We have been watching the consumer market trends when it comes to online shopping and there has been a huge spike in the use of mobile devices being on our site over the last few years.

The numbers above are from last year and it’s only growing higher, because let’s be honest, we all use our phones for practically everything now. If not to check our email or social media outlets, it’s to look for a good place to eat for dinner that night, or send a quick text to the friend you are meeting.

Let’s also remember that online shopping is taking over too. Buyers are not only shopping for clothing, home goods and power tools, they are shopping for their next home via their phone as well!

98% of home buyers found mobile devices to be valuable tools in the home search process.

So, how do you ensure you and your company are ready for this trend?

Make sure your website and your online content are mobile friendly.

These days most website development companies or platforms include the mobile version, but if you are having your website designed or maintained by a professional company then you will want to check with them to insure your site looks great on mobile devices too.

MHVillage has been working on this the last few years by launching our MHVillage App for professionals (if you haven’t tried it yet, you should!) and our site now offers mobile friendly services to home shoppers and buyers.

Also, remember that while the design of your site and its capabilities with mobile devices is important, your content is key too. Making sure your phone numbers, website and email contacts are up to date is essential. Another big one is keeping your home descriptions and photos current. Out of date information can turn off online shoppers.

Finally, If you have any questions or would like more assistance with your home, company or community listings on MHVillage, we are here to help, so don’t hesitate to give us a call!

Nov. 1-3 NCC Fall Leadership Forum

MHVillage is Proud to be a Sponsor of the 2016 NCC Fall Leadership Forum

NCC Fall Leadership

2016 NCC Fall Leadership Forum: The Time is Now
November 1-3, 2016
Westin Michigan Avenue
Chicago, IL

Go to MHi’s website to register and get for all the details about this important industry event.

Please note: Early registration ends on Oct 03, 2016.
Regular registration starts on Oct 04, 2016 and ends on Oct 30, 2016.

The fourth NCC Fall Leadership Forum will be held November 1-3 at the Michigan Avenue Westin Hotel in downtown Chicago. This event offers unparalleled industry networking opportunities, relevant content to help you grow your business, and unique topics designed to these unique times.  If you’re involved with manufactured home communities – as an owner/manager, manufacturer, service provider, broker, lender or consultant – don’t miss the industry’s flagship networking event in downtown Chicago.  The NCC Fall Leadership Forum is the place for networking, new ideas and building relationships while reaching customers.

MHI NCC sponsors



Text Leads from MHVillage Mobile!

Did you know that over 50% of the million plus home buyers that shop MHVillage.com each month do so with their phones? That’s why you’ll see regular updates to the mobile version of our website – we want to make sure those buyers are finding your homes as easily as possible!

We are always looking for ways to make it easier for buyers to contact you. We’ve recently added a new feature to the site – text leads! These leads aren’t texted to you, you will see all leads in your email as you always have. Text leads simply allow home buyers who are on their phones to open their text app and request more information, quickly and easily. (Check out the animation below.)

Here’s another great benefit of text leads – every lead you get through text includes the customer’s cell phone number. That’s a powerful tool when getting in touch with buyers!

If you have questions or would like to know more on how to optimize your home listings, email our Customer Service team. We’re happy to help!


Champion Homes and MHV Promote New Manufactured Home Models

Champion Homes and MHVillage.com Announce Plans to Promote New Manufactured Home Models to Millions of Potential Homebuyers Annually

Champion-LogoChampion Home Builders, Inc. a leading producer of modular and manufactured homes and commercial buildings, and MHVillage.com, the nation’s number one website for finding manufactured homes for sale or rent, announced an exciting new program to connect Champion model homes and local availability with the more than 16 million homebuyers that visit MHVillage.com annually.

MHVillage Registered 2012-11-2Beginning in December 2015, visitors to MHVillage.com will have the ability to search Champion models and floorplans available in any location throughout the United States and immediately connect with authorized Champion retailers and manufactured home communities where those homes are available for purchase or rental. Through its vacant homesite search, MHVillage will also offer homebuyers a convenient way to locate manufactured home communities with vacant sites available to welcome new Champion homes.

“Our relationship with MHVillage reflects Champion’s commitment to meeting the evolving needs of today’s manufactured homebuyer,” said Keith Anderson, President and CEO of Champion Home Builders. “By leveraging the technology platform of MHVillage we have the opportunity to bring Champion models to millions of consumers as well as drive more traffic to our national network of valued retailers and communities.”

Founded in 2004, MHVillage.com is the largest and most active online marketplace for manufactured housing, with listings for over 26,000 homes, 37,000 communities and nearly 94,000 homesites nationwide. Each day, more than 60,000 consumers begin their manufactured home search with MHVillage.

The manufactured housing industry has experienced a resurgence of demand in recent years as prospective homebuyers continue to seek out more affordable, energy-efficient housing options. Both land-lease manufactured home communities and manufactured housing retailers have benefitted from this shift in consumer preferences.

“We’ve seen substantial interest in new manufactured homes from our website visitors,” explained Dan Rinzema, CEO of MHVillage. “By making Champion’s models and floorplans available on MHVillage, we now have the unique ability to match Champion’s innovative home designs with their retailer and community inventory already listed on MHVillage so that the consumer can now easily locate and physically walk-thru the models that interest them.”

Over the past 60 years, Champion Home Builders has grown into a nationwide collection of well-known manufactured housing brands including Atlantic, Dutch, Fortune, Highland Manufacturing, Homes of Merit, Redman, Silvercrest and Titan. As one of the nation’s largest manufactured home builders, Champion is focused on building quality homes, packed with value and personalized with today’s most sought-after amenities.

Champion model homes offer a large selection of décors and professionally-designed features from which to choose. Its new Ultimate Kitchen Two, featuring Whirlpool® appliances and modern touches, is just one example of the designer amenities that consumers will soon be able to view on MHVillage.com.

About Champion Home Builders
Troy, Michigan-based, Champion Home Builders Inc. is a leading brand in off-site residential and commercial construction, which, through its operating subsidiaries, manufactures buildings at 30 facilities in North America and the United Kingdom. Champion-built homes are sold through a network of more than 1,000 builders, retailers, and developers located throughout North America. Champion Commercial Structures, a division of Champion, specializes in multifamily, commercial and industrial modular construction serving developers, builders and large value institutional clients. www.championhomes.com

About MHVillage
Based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, MHVillage Inc. is the nation’s premier online marketplace for buying and selling manufactured homes. Since its inception in 2004, MHVillage has grown to become the number one consumer website for the manufactured housing industry with more than 16 million unique visitors annually. In 2014, over 65,000 homes were sold on MHVillage with a combined transaction value exceeding $2.5 billion. www.mhvillage.com


What do MH Retailers and Communities Want?

Manufactured Housing Marketing Sales Management
Publisher of www.MHProNews.com and www.MHLivingNews.com

What do Manufactured Home (MH) Retailers and Communities owners and management want? A one word summary? Success.

What does success look like? In no particular order, among the points that could be named:

  • Profits
  • More sales
  • Happy home owners
  • More referrals
  • Respect
  • Professionalism among team members
  • Motivated, dedicated, dependable team members

We could add to this list the word “more” in front of any of those bullets! We could add ideas like more or “better financing.” But a retailer or community that has those 7 points covered, will be successful.

So the next question becomes, how do you increase those 7 points? How do you enhance your career, location and results?

One word answer? Information. Another way to say it could be “education.” The right information – the right training or “education” – is proven to make owners, managers and team members, more productive, more motivated, more professional and thus more successful.knowledgesharedknowledgemultiplied-15minutesdaily-mhpronews-com-postedMHVillageBlog-

Information and Education – Free or High Return on Investment

Some companies have little or no budget for information and education. For those which fall into that category, free and respected resources like MHProNews.com plus MHLivingNews.com are like an answer to prayer. 15 minutes a day reading or watching videos on each site by team members is a proven way to improve understanding of MH and those performance doing MH. That 15 minutes could be done anytime, day or night, and can be done while drinking, eating or taking that necessary room break with your smart phone, etc..

For those who are looking for formal, professional training, many of the featured writers on MHProNews.com or the people we interview do speaking or training at a corporate or association events.

Successful people in MH are the ones you want training or inspiring your team. That’s what you’ll find on MHProNews.com. Formal training plus that 15 minutes a day reading or watching videos on ManufacturedHomeLivingNews.com is a proven way to better understand what moves customers and why MH is a terrific value. Knowing the facts about MH makes you more confident and thus more effective.

Readers are leaders! Those that invest the time and resources into training will find enhanced success follows.

How to Get the Most Out of Your MHVillage PPC Ad


Jason Adams and I recently created several videos about Pay Per Click (PPC) Ads on MHVillage:

Learn all About Pay Per Click (PPC) Ads

How to Run a PPC Ad Campaign

and now, the final video in the series:

How to Get the Most of Your MHVillage PPC Ad

In this video learn how to see if your ad is successful. We’ll also show you how to understand your statistics and make updates and changes to your campaign.

Bonus: Want to try it out for yourself? In the month of June,we’ll give people trying their first PPC ad a $50 credit to their account!

How to Run a PPC Ad Campaign


Jason Adams and I recently created a video, Learn all About Pay Per Click (or PPC) ads. That video walked you through what a PPC ad is and who can use them on MHVillage. Now, here’s the second video in the series. This second short video (1.54 min.) will take you through the ad creation process, and then, how to maintain your PPC campaign. Want to know how it all works? Check this out:

Your MHVillage PPC Campaign

(BONUS: Watch until the end for a special promotion we are running for new PPC ads in month of June!)

Learn All About MHVillage Pay Per Click Ads


Looking for ways to boost your leads and web traffic? You can easily create custom, targeted campaigns on MHVillage using our PPC (Pay Per Click) ads. Check out this short [1.29 min.] video to learn more:

(BONUS: Watch until the end for a special promotion we are running for new PPC ads in month of June!)

Your Brand, Your Listings (Whitepaper)


Did you know that with one click you can add your company logo, your sales photo, customized information about your company, additional contact fields (including a link to your website), and a photo gallery of your homes to every MHVillage listing? Our Branding tool replaces the standard Google ads with your company information.

Here’s how it works:

When you are entering your listing, just click the Brand My Listing box. We’ll automatically remove the Google ads and fill in the column to the right of the listing with your information, taken from your account.

To get the most out of your Branding your listings, Download the white paper below for more step by step instructions – and as always, let us know if you have any questions. We are always happy to help!

Branding Your Listings




March Milestone: Over One Million MHVillage Visitors!


MHVillage and our family of sites hit an important milestone –
Over One Million Unique Visitors in March!

To put this into context, the population of the United States is 316,128,839. Approximately 250,000,000 of those are over the age of 18.

So, in March 1 in 250 adults in the US visited our websites.

You can bet we are celebrating!

Where Do All These People Come From?

Crowd of peopleFirst of all, let me breakdown “MHVillage and our family of sites.” You already know MHVillage. MHVillage is our flagship site and is the most widely used and recognized website in the Manufactured Housing Industry. We also have several other websites. Our family of sites include:






Why so many websites? We use them to reach different audiences, try out new web tools, and implement new marketing techniques. For example,we recently launched a new phone friendly look on Mobilehomes-for-sale. We take the best of the ideas and successes and bring them back to MHVillage.

The majority of people find us by searching Google or other search engines. There is also a large percent (33.5%) that already know our site and type in the address directly. We also get traffic from social media, email campaigns, paid advertisements and other sources.

Who Are These Folks?

New vs Returning Users

New and Returning Visitors over the last 30 days.

Here’s an interesting fact about the million plus people that came to MHVillage last month: there is an almost perfect split between returning users and new visitors to the site. As you can see in this chart, 50.4% of visitors to our site are brand new, while 49.6% are returning. This tells us that once people have found MHVillage, they come back again and again. We also know that the average user looks at 8.64 pages per session. So, people spend quite a bit of time browsing communities and manufactured home listings!

The Future

There were 1,000,392 people on the MHVillage family of sites in March. All of them were interested in manufactured homes. We are reaching our goal to help manufactured home buyers and sellers connect. And we are not resting on our laurels, we have much more in store for the year ahead! Keep an eye on this newsletter to learn more in the upcoming months!

Note: want to learn more? Stop by Booth 601 at the National Congress and Expo in Las Vegas later this month! Or, follow along on Twitter @MHVillage #NatCongressLV